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The Life and Times of Benjamin Wiggins, MD

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                        Life and Times of Benjamin Wiggins, MD

Ben Wiggins returns in THE LIFE AND TIMES OF BENJAMIN WIGGINS, M.D., the prequel to MEDICAL GRAIL. This time the irascible octogenarian pits his wits and spunk against a group of private doctors and administrators who seize an opportunity to use tax funds to purchase a CT scanner for their tiny hospital.

Outraged by their brazen attempt to rip-off the community, Ben ignores their threats of lawsuits and libelous assaults while fighting them in the press and in Town Hall.

Evelyn Cooper, his companion and confidant, and Peter Henry, a lifelong friend, join him in his battle to expose the hoax that will double the cost of heathcare to the poor citizens of Whitney, Arizona.

After the tumultuous conclusion to the scanner battle, Ben meets Robert Bascom, MD, the protagonist of MEDICAL GRAIL, in a "paraquel." Here the old doctor shadows Bascom's own fight against corruption in the Sonoran Desert town while caring for Evelyn, who falls victim to a mysterious illness.


5.0 out of 5 stars Read it in one sitting......, January 27, 2013


Barbara Hartsfield "Avid and devoted Reader" (PASADENA, CALIFORNIA USA)

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This review is from: The Life and Times of Benjamin Wiggins, M.D. (Medical Grail) (Kindle Edition)

After reading the sequel, Medical Grail, first, I bought this book instantly. Well written, engaging, thoughtful, I fell in love with this character and his life love, Ev. You will too.

I want a TV series about Dr. Wiggins. For those of who who have the nostalgia channels on TV, think Dr. Welby. The character of Dr. Wiggins is lovable!!!!!

4.0 out of 5 stars A MOVING STORY OF LOVE IN THE WORLD OF MEDICINE, April 11, 2012


Suzanne White "" (USA)

This review is from: The Life and Times of Benjamin Wiggins, M.D. (Paperback)

This book is a follow-up to Raymond Andrews dazzling first book, MEDICAL GRAIL. Andrews tells the touching (continuing) story of Benjamin Wiggins about whom, we already know a bit from the first volume. Andrews draws attention to the vicissitudes of a doctor's life and shines a light on how difficult it is to be an honest man in the world of today. I highly recommend reading this book after having read MEDICAL GRAIL.