Lone Rock

Ray and Jen Andrews have been avid off-road enthusiasts since 1997 when they first began exploring the desert around Winslow, Arizona. By 1999 they had driven all of the easier trails in the Phoenix area and were looking for new challenges and a new vehicle. They found the first on the Rubicon Trail, one of the most notorious and difficult trails in the country. Under the expert tutelage of Harald Pietschmann,, they learned to drive over boulders as high as the hood of a Jeep and to avoid mistakes that could result in a rollover or costly vehicle repair.

new vehicle yellow Jeep they modified to survive the toughest off-road challenges Arizona has to offer.

A year after their trip to the Rubicon they were featured in an article in The New York Times, "Going off Road, Two by Two," by George P. Bloomberg.

Since then they have gone on numerous trips into the wilderness in Arizona, California, and Utah with their Jeep and trailers. This book details the challenges they encountered and the roads they traveled while mapping and driving the Great Western Trail in Arizona.